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Our Activity

What We Do

We advocate and facilitate the restoration of honor, respect and dignity for pensioners, retirees and other older and vulnerable members of our community, providing them with necessary psycho-social and economic support in their twilight years.

  • Aiding our members in times of crisis through emergency response activities.
  • Enhancing and restoring livelihoods through supporting and mentoring income-generating projects in the communities to augment meager allowances.
  • Improving access to primary education with the aim of ending poverty through promoting prosperity.
  • Improving access to health care as a way of promoting their well-being by eliminating issues of loneliness, depression other mental health and chronic ailments.

How You Could Help?

Gifts of all kinds are accepted with gratitude, but these are the most effective ways you can make a difference.


Send Donation

Any kind of donation is always appreciated be it cash, food, clothes, blankets etc


Become Volunteer

We really appreciate volunteers and we can always use an extra pair of helping hands. It’s a great way to meet ne.w people and develop skills


Share on Friends

Make an even bigger impact by engaging your friends and followers.

Donation Hotlines:

+263 78 461 4625 - 7

Why Work With Us?

our mission

Transforming lives through bridging the gaps between the ageing and young people

To utilize participatory engagement, innovative strategies, to educate, develop capacities and provide information to the ageing and young populaces for sustainable development.


we have worked with many different organizations and individuals.


We have a fast volunteer are available to help us at anytime .

Portrait of female volunteer holding clothes in donation box at workshop

Urgent Cause!

#Raise funds for facilitates medical assistance of our beneficiaries.

Among our programs, we have one that facilitates medical assistance of our beneficiarie. In some cases engaging nurses to pay home visits and treat vulnerable with chronic ailments or bedridden.Help us to keep our program running , remember every dollar counts